100% Recycled Paperboard Conversion FAQ

What is 100% recycled paperboard and how is it made?

Recycled paperboard is made from recovered paper that has been diverted from the solid waste stream and later collected, separated, cleaned and recycled for use. These attributes make 100% recycled paperboard a great packaging choice at a great price: overall, a smart choice for business and the environment.

How does 100% recycled paperboard compare to virgin paper grades?

Recycled paperboard is functionally equivalent to virgin paperboard grades. Caliper for caliper, 100% recycled paperboard provides similar quality, strength and performance with exceptional value. The three leading reasons that consumer packaged goods companies make the switch from virgin paperboard to 100% recycled paperboard are cost, performance qualities and environmental benefits.

What are the advantages of packaging products in 100% recycled paperboard?

Recycled paperboard is a versatile packaging solution that makes it an ideal candidate for folding cartons and printed top sheet on club store packaging. Recycled paperboard maintains its strength throughout production, printing and shipping. Additionally, 100% recycled paperboard is smooth, clean, bright and maintains uniform quality.

100% recycled paperboard packaging offers versatility, ease of use and storage, and superior product protection while it also enables superior brand identity, product visibility, and creative merchandising opportunities. With the use of 100% recycled paperboard, companies can add cost savings and environmental conservation to this list of folding carton features and benefits.

For which types of products is 100% recycled paperboard appropriate?

Recycled paperboard is currently used to package a wide range of goods including dry and frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty products, household products, club store packaging, electronic products, ready-to-eat meals, fast food and beverages.

Is 100% recycled paperboard packaging suitable for direct food contact?

Yes, 100% recycled paperboard is suitable for direct food contact and is currently used in a number of direct contact applications by consumer product companies. 100% recycled paperboard meets all FDA guidelines for food packaging.

How can RPA-100% help consumer packaged goods and folding carton companies?

RPA-100% serves as an information resource by helping companies analyze the benefits of converting to 100% recycled paperboard. Additionally, RPA-100% offers companies the opportunity to identify 100% recycled paperboard in packaging through the licensing program. Once companies have converted to 100% recycled paperboard, RPA-100% will promote the conversion to the packaging industry.

How can I get more information on RPA-100% and 100% recycled paperboard?

If you would like to learn more about 100% recycled paperboard or the RPA-100%, simply contact us at 352.809.0240.

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