RPA-100% Certification

New RPA-100% Certification Meets Market Need to Substantiate 100% Recycled Paperboard Claims


The new certified symbol, released on January 1st 2014

The RPA-100% is thrilled that since the launch of the new program on January 6th 2014 and the release of the new trademarked symbol, CPGs have begun signing up in earnest to take advantage of the new symbol and the benefits of this industry first certification initiative! In recent years, Consumer Packaged Goods Companies (CPGs) have expressed the need for a fiber certification protocol specifically focused on 100% coated and uncoated recycled paperboard (URB/CRB); this would substantiate the recycled fiber claim of URB/CRB. As an independent non-profit organization, the RPA-100% is in a unique position to establish and manage this protocol for the recycled paperboard industry to meet this market need. Together with relevant stakeholders, the RPA-100% has developed a program that is the first of its kind in the industry. It can be used to audit member mills and provide CPGs with the assurance that only recovered fiber is being used in the manufacture of certified URB/CRB. The RPA-100% contracts with third-party auditors to perform these reviews. It’s important to note that the guidelines of this initiative have been reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which governs environmental messaging that appears on packaging. This innovative 3rd party audit and certification process establishes a new benchmark for substantiation of the 100% recovered fiber claim. The existing (old) symbol did not carry with it a requirement for recycled paperboard mills to be audited.

How do Licensee’s (Brand Owner’s) Benefit?

  • The new trademarked symbol provides substantiation of 100% recovered fiber claim that is made on packages – proving no virgin fiber included.
  • Certification is specific to URB/CRB, is transparent to all stakeholders and carries third party validation.
  • There is no licensing fee charged to CPGs for the new trademarked symbol.
  • Current licensees will be given ample time to convert from the current trademarked symbol to the new certified trademarked symbol. The exiting symbol will continue to be available, however, it does not carry with it the certification and substantiation of 100% recovered fiber.

As a CPG, what should I do to take advantage of this new program?

Contact Paul Schutes, [email protected] / 352-809-0240 / www.rpa100.com to apply to immediately join with other CPGs who have begun to enjoy the benefits of the industry first, certified 100% recycled paperboard trademarked symbol.

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The following specifications govern the reproduction and usage of the symbol. Users must obtain prior written approval from RPA-100% to deviate from these specifications.

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