Why Recycled Paperboard?

  • Strength. 100% recycled paperboard holds up in tough environments.
  • Versatility. Use 100% recycled paperboard in all kinds of packaging.
  • Cleanliness. Your products will look great in 100% recycled paperboard.
  • Affordability. 100% recycled paperboard won’t break your budget.
  • Good for the Environment. Use 100% recycled paperboard to fight global warming, protect forests, and reduce landfill burdens.
  • What Can Be Recycled. All paper products including newspaper, magazines, gift wrap, office papers, cereal, snacks, pizza and soft drink boxes, yogurt wraps and beer containers can be recycled. Virtually all refrigerated and frozen products boxes and paper wraps can also be recycled. In addition, all corrugated containers are recyclable.