North America recycles approximately 7.6 million tons of recovered fiber into CRB and URB every year.

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The "100% Recycled Paperboard" symbol is provided to CRB and URB users when they become a RPA-100% licensee.

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Certification Program

Our 3rd party audit and certification process is the first of its kind, and the new benchmark in the industry.

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Our Conversion Guide

The 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance conversion guide answers some of the most common questions that packaging professionals are faced with when converting to 100% recycled paperboard.

The three leading reasons that consumer packaged goods companies make the switch from virgin paperboard to 100% recycled paperboard (either CRB or URB) are environmental benefits, performance qualities and cost.

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You will be in good company Some of the brands who use RPA-100%

  • 600lb Gorillas, Inc.
  • ACH Food Companies, Inc.
  • Alabu, Inc.
  • Albertson’s, Inc.
  • Alliance Rubber Company
  • American Air Filters International (AAF)
  • American Italian Pasta Company
  • ampm Marketing
  • Angie’s Artisan Treats
  • Annie’s, Inc.
  • A&P Corporate
  • API Industries dba Aluf Plastics
  • Austin Quality Foods, Inc.
  • Avesta
  • Barbara’s Bakery
  • Barber Foods
  • BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc.
  • Beer Nuts Brand Snacks, Inc.
  • Beloit Box Board Co., Inc.
  • Best Chicago Meat Company, LLC
  • Bioceutical Formulations
  • Bison Brewing Company, LLC
  • Blue Diamond Growers
  • Blue Marble Distribution, LLC
  • Buffalo Games, Inc.
  • Callaway Consumer Products, LLC
  • Callenor Company, The
  • Canada Post Corporation
  • Cascades Tissue Group
  • Catalina Restaurant Group, Inc.
  • Champion Brands, LLC
  • Chapman’s Ice Cream
  • Chattem, Inc.
  • Chef Woo, Inc.
  • Chromate Industrial Corporation
  • Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
  • Clean Chef, LLC
  • Clif Bar, Inc
  • Clorox Company, The
  • Cole’s Quality Foods, Inc.
  • Comet American Marketing
  • Compact Industries
  • Conopco, Inc. dba Unilever
  • CORE Method LLC
  • Cottrell, Ltd.
  • Country Choice Organic, a division of New Century Holdings, Inc.
  • Dakota Growers Pasta Company
  • Davids
  • D.D. Bean & Sons Co.
  • DHL Express
  • Dial Corporation, The
  • Dicon Global, Inc.
  • Dietz and Watson, Inc.
  • DIRT+H2O
  • Disc Graphics, Inc.
  • Dopaco, Inc.
  • Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Inc.
  • Durable Packaging International
  • Earth-Kind, Inc.
  • East Side Entrees